This course will be officially launching on March 21, 2016.

This worldwide accredited course is for people who want to understand how to build and run a successful business. Are you, self-employed, the owner of an SME or a manager within a larger organisation-if so, then understanding exactly what is involved in running a professional business in today’s world and giving excellent customer service is absolutely vital. This renowned course delivered in a modular, online and distance learning way provides you with not just an international qualification- but gives you the knowledge and expertise in all of the following areas.

This unique course run by-  The International School of Professionalism -covers the following areas of knowledge.

The issues we will address
Are you in the right business?

  1. Why profit is an absolute essential
  2. What is the professional duty of care?
  3. Describe your business in one short sentence
  4. Presentation of yourself and your business
  5. Marketing your business to suit you and your customers
  6. Developing your business
  7. The place of networking
  8. Being organised

What have you actually DONE?

Selling: The myths exposed
The difference a word makes!
Web sites, email addresses stationery and design

How you are perceived without a word being spoken

The questions we answer

  1. How / where do I make a start in business
  2. Am I doing it right?
  3. Do I really need a personal business audit?
  4. How can I avoid problems?
  5. How can I make a start in my new business?
  6. How can I get more business?
  7. How can I earn more and work less?
  8. MUST I advertise?
  9. Discover what YOU want out of business
  10. What’s “positioning” and why is it important
  11. What do YOU stand for?
  12. Why should I both with all of this?
  13. Discover your strengths
  14. Discover your weaknesses


The International School of Professionalism

The 16 Core Course Modules  cover the following- Essential Elements of Professionalism

  1. Formal Regulation
  2. Professional Bodies
  3. Ethical guidelines
  4. Your brand
  5. Expectations
  6. Duty of Care
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Disclosure
  9. Data Protection
  10. Terms of Business
  11. Fee Structure
  12. Complaints and procedures
  13. Copyright
  14. Insurance
  15. Accounting and tax
  16. Continuous professional development

This course is approximately 125 hours and takes the average student 3 to 5 months to complete doing an average of five hours per week- the investment for this unique program is only- £295 plus VAT.

The course is delivered in a modular format-  the student works through one molecule at a time gaining a deep and profound understanding of that particular subject.

At the end of each module there is a multiple-choice questionnaire to be completed before the student moves on to the next module.

On completion of all 16 modules- an – International Diploma Certificate  – is issued to the student

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